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Diamond Painting Tips for Beginners

Stella from Why Knots Stitches, is a new diamond painter but she is a lifelong crafter! She is here to share her experience and tips with you. Diamond Art is something between paint by numbers and cross stitch, without poking yourself! This is a relaxing activity you can use to take your thinking mind a break, and you can share it with your loved ones too!

She got our crowd’s favourite: “Dear and Delicate” by Sybile Art. 

The extra things you need.

Not much actually, just a pair of scissors, a medium sized container, and paperclips (or tape). When I was doing my first diamond painting, I used a repurposed plastic take-out box to store my drills and tools.

Keep your supplies together. [3:40]

Start with separating your bags of colored diamond drills, and find a container big enough to keep all of them together. Stella is using a wooden bowl to keep her small packets of diamonds. There are some small plastic containers that you can buy to store your diamonds in a more sturdy place, but we are saving that for when we can already decide that we love doing diamond paintings. Choose something that is large enough to keep your drills as well as your tools!

Keeping your diamonds together!

Use paperclip to close your bag. [3:54]

Keep a pair of scissors handy for you, as tearing the bag open can cause an explosion of diamond drills. And we want to keep the hole small, so that we can keep using the plastic bag. When you are done with one color and want to move to another, you can use a paperclip to close your bag and keep your diamond safe. If you do not have 30 paper clips handy, you can always use a weak adhesive tape. Washi-tape and masking tape works great! Just fold the opened part of the bag and seal them in.

Where to start!

If you are right handed, the top right corner is a good place to start, if you are left handed, start from the left. We want to avoid putting your hand on the sticky glue before you lay diamonds on it.

To keep the canvas fresh and sticky, work in small sections. Peel the protective layer little by little. Gently section the protective layer with a scissor or craft knife, to work in small manageable squares.

The edges of the painting can also have some leftover glue that you cannot peel off, so we suggest covering the excess sticky border with some masking tape as well.

Pick a symbol on the canvas and match it to the color! Then pour a little bit of drills on the tray, you do not want to overload your tray, as it can prevent the drills from lining up properly in the tray. To line up your drills right side up, give your tray a gentle shake.

Line up your diamonds.

Lay your diamonds down!

Load up your diamond pen with the pink wax, this will let you pick up the diamonds. When it feels less sticky and you find it hard to pick up diamond, it’s time to refresh your wax, just pull it out with your tweezer and put in new ones. Don’t worry we give you enough wax to finish your painting with plenty to spare!

Load up your pen. [4:53]

You have the options to pick up your diamond one by one with the single placer. Or if you are the kind of person that wants to see your diamond painting completed as soon as possible, you can try the multi placer as well. All of these multiplaces has their own tricks on how to use, and it can take a little bit to get used to them. 

Try the multi placer tool too.

Then just stick the diamonds to the canvas! Take your time and line up your diamonds. You can use the tweezer to nudge the diamonds to form perfect rows. This is the beauty of poured glue canvas! Moving your diamonds will not damage your painting right away, you can still slide and adjust your drills.

If you made a mistake, don’t panic! That’s why there is a pair of tweezers in your kit. You just need to pluck them one by one, and stick on the correct color! This will not damage your canvas.

Enjoy the quiet time you have placing each diamond. Embrace it when your mind starts to wonder and you let go of the stress you have been holding on to.

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