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Maja Wronska

Maja Wronska - Artist ProfileMaja is an architect, water colorist and freelance illustrator from Poland. Maja works with companies from all around the world & creates mostly watercolors that focus on architecture and cities. Among others, her works were exhibited at Biennale of Architecture in Venice, on the set of several TV shows. She is also an author of Gronby motif for IKEA.

An image showing Chicago River By Maja Wronska
Chicago River

40 x 50 cm

by Maja Wronska

$34.80 Sale $29.80
An image showing Balloons By Maja Wronska

50 x 30 cm

by Maja Wronska

An image showing Flat Iron By Maja Wronska
Flat Iron

40 x 40 cm

by Maja Wronska

"Chicago River" Diamond Painting Kit Craft-Ease™ (Multiple sizes)
Chicago River

Multiple sizes

by Maja Wronska


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