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Doris Swart

Diane Millsap - Artist Profile

Emerging Perth based, fine arts artist, Doris Swart, has been honouring her creative passion of the arts for the past three years. After studying an intense mastery program at the Milan Art Institute, Swart found her love for self expression through colour, shape, and form. Combing abstract with realism/surrealism, and mixing of different mediums, allows Swarts artwork to resonate with an original and authentic vibration, true to her own unique expression, showcasing her inner most self, and connecting to her collectors world wide.

"Wild Within" Paint By Numbers Craft-Ease (50 x 40 cm)
Wild Within

50 x 40 cm

by Doris Swart

"Butterfly Effect" Paint By Numbers Craft-Ease (40 x 40 cm)
Butterfly Effect

40 x 40 cm

by Doris Swart


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