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Christine Cholowsky

"It just happens in that magical moment when creative energy meets naked canvas and just flows and the world no longer exists around me". Christine is a self-taught Canadian artist. Working mainly in acrylics, she also integrates airbrushing, texture, colored pencils, inks, and watercolor into many of her works. She attributes her ever-evolving style to her deep desire to "capture a feeling" that will speak to the heart and soul of the viewer.
Having never gone to art school has not been of any concern for her as she feel it would have stifled and suffocated her own creative energy and style. Christine believes anyone can learn anything they wish to but when you are born with a gift it has no need to be taught, only nurtured by love, determination and passion .
Click here to view the interview with Christine and learn how talents and passion have been the key elements in her artistic journey.