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About Us


Craft-Ease: Art Therapy for Everyone

Craft-Ease Team

I am David. I founded Craft-Ease™ after a personal revelation in 2016 that everyone can find peace and joy with art therapy, even not artistically gifted! 

I was always constantly internet-connected with screen time for work, chats, social media digitally bombarded and occupied. I didn’t have time for myself. I was constantly feeling anxious and restless. It was then I learnt that anxiety is a common issue and everyone can lose track of their own mental well-being! 😅

I also learnt that art can be therapeutic helping one re-center and reconnect with oneself. Creating art can be so calming and absolutely satisfying!

Being totally artistically-challenged, I started researching for quality kits and stunning designs. I realized that many talented artists struggled to use art to support their living and have very often been exploited of their works.  

So, through collaborating with independent artists around the world, I founded Craft-Ease™ to make art therapy easy to experience with paint by numbers and diamond art kits so people can create unique and exclusive designs by talented artists from their own home! 

I hope that you get to enjoy the joyful and relaxing experience of art therapy too while meaningfully creating something beautiful for yourself! 😉

Thank you,




Craft-Ease: Who are we?

At Craft-Ease™, we actively promote art therapy in the form of complete craft kits so that everyone can achieve therapeutic and joyful experience through art from the comfort of their home.

Our values

We build everything around 3 core values:

1. Art Therapy For You

We are aware of the profound health benefits of art therapy. We create top quality craft kits to make it easy for you to enjoy that. We are so grateful that our customers often share their experience with us. Your satisfaction with our products and services is indeed what drives us.  

2. Support Artists

"With Each Order You Place, You Support An Artist While Becoming One".

Our collaboration with artists is meant to create a virtuous cycle allowing you to become an artist and the original artists to feel appreciated and to be able to afford the freedom to create more art. We support artists in multiple ways; check out how we do it here.

3. Unique Products

We dedicate our efforts to deliver quality craft kits to your home so that you have all you need to easily create and enjoy the unique and wall-worthy works of art that spark joy. Check out the world's best paint by numbers kits here.