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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

At Craft-Ease, we promote art as a form of expression and relaxation. We empower independent artists with a place where they can expose their art and get paid for their hard but beautiful work. And we give our customer an experience of art and relaxation that sparks joy and gives birth to new artists.

We work in close collaboration with independent artists, so that every art that we sell contributes to help them do more of their art.

"So, With Each Order You Place, You Help An Artist And Become One".

Our values

At Craft-Ease we build everything around 3 core values which help us grow at a steady pace.


You are the very reason of our existence. Without you, our business wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be able to grow. That is why is focused on its customers first and foremost. Your satisfaction with our products and services is the only thing that matters.


Our collaboration with artists is meant to create a virtuous cycle allowing you to become an artist and the original artists to create more art.


From day one, we have always been focused on providing unique products made for great art.


Hours of operation

Our website is available 24/7. You can purchase our products any time, any day. Our sales and customer service team are available by email ( from Mon to Fri on business hours (PST – Pacific Standard Time).



At, we are always looking for new talents. Whether you have expertise in internet marketing, sourcing, customer service, sales, IT development or copywriting, you will find great opportunities with us. Our first focus is on your personal development. If you work with us, we want you to build skills and grow a strong career. Besides, we offer one of the largest range of benefits in the industry.

If you are interested in our job opportunities, send us an e-mail with your resume at