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Craft-Ease™ Paint by Numbers Kits

Craft-Ease™ now offers paint by numbers kits in the best packaging in the industry. Free gift box for every kit – no extra charge!

    Rolled Canvas Kit Gift Box 🎁

    Craft-Ease™ New Full Kit PackagingAll Craft-Ease™ kits come in a gift box - the first and only in the industry – so it’ll be a real treat when you receive yours! Since many customers order to deliver thoughtful paint by numbers gifts directly to their loved ones. With Craft-Ease's unique premium gift box, your loved ones will feel the love from the moment of receiving their kits! 

      Framed Canvas Kit Luxe Box 😍

      Craft-Ease™ New Full Kit + Frame PackagingThe first and only in the industry - all Craft-Ease framed canvas kits come in a unique luxe box that includes a tool box and can be ecologically converted to be a personal easel or painting holder! It’s beautiful and practical – you and your loved ones will love the kits! 

      Paint Pot Holder – bonus gift in every kit! 🎨

      Craft-Ease™ New Paint Pot Holder The first and only in the industry - all Craft-Ease paint kits come with a unique paint pot holder that helps you organize your paint colors to facilitate your painting experience!

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