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Support Talents and Artists

With Each Order You Place, You Help An Artist

It takes years of practice and unwavering commitment to become a successful artist and live from one's art. 

At Craft-Ease™, we care about the people who dedicate their lives to art who make the world more beautiful and inspirational with their incredible talents, one artwork at a time.
We collaborate with independent artists to showcase their stunning and unique art through quality Paint By Numbers kit and Diamond Art Kits. We empower them with a place where they can present their art, share their journey and insights, and get remunerated for their hard work and beautiful creations which contribute to offer them the freedom to bring about more creations.


"With Each Order You Place, You Support An Artist While Becoming One." 


Checkout Their Exclusive Paint by Numbers here

Checkout Their Exclusive Diamond Art Kits here

With our
 Paint by Numbers - Exclusive Series, we hope to contribute to independent artists by generating a sustainable revenue through their precious artworks. 

Craft-Ease team heartily thanks you for shopping from our exclusive paint by numbers collection. You didn't just purchase a paint by number, you also helped an artist to live a more meaningful life!  

We look forward to knowing your feedback about our products and service.

Keep loving, keep in touch!