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How to Choose a Photo for Your Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Posted by Juliane Sunshine on

There are so many creative and beautiful designs that you can choose from for your paint by numbers kit. But what could be more original than a kit made just for you from one of your own photos? Yep, if you’re looking for “paint by numbers with my photo” then you’re in luck, because at Craft-Ease we make it super easy to order a
custom Paint by Numbers Kit made with the photo of your choice.

A personalized, custom painting kit can make for a truly memorable gift, memento, or keepsake for either yourself or a loved one. And, while we make it super easy to take your image from photo to painting, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you follow some best practice tips for choosing a photo that will look spectacular when transformed into a paint by numbers kit.

When you order one of our custom kits, you get a completely one of a kind paint by numbers canvas with the photo that you uploaded. You also get all of the other kit essentials that you need, including paint pots that are numbered to correspond to the various areas on your canvas, a set of wooden paint brushes, and a frame (if you choose to have one included) - even the ones that you’ll be delighted to find as we also include bonus paintpot holder and useful accessories such as brightener and wall hooks!

To make sure that your paint by numbers kit exceeds your own expectations and/or the expectations of the person you gifted it to, we want to make sure that you choose a photo that will easily transition to a large canvas and an exceptional paint by numbers experience. Here are some tips that will help you out.

Choose a high resolution photo

Unlike going from painting to photo, when you’re going large to small, starting with a photo means that you will be expanding the original image and going from small to large. And if your photo is too low resolution, it could end up grainy. Before uploading, check the size of your image—300 pixels per inch (300 DPI) or more means that you’re good to go.

Choose an inspiring photo

The best photos for painting inspiration are those that convey a special moment, or a special someone, such as wedding photos, graduation photos, family photos, or pet photos. The options are really endless, so it’s just about going with a photo you want to see over and over again.

Choose a close-up photo

Pictures from far away might not be quite as exciting to paint. A close-up photo ensures you’ll have more details to fill in, and will end up super clear when your painting is all finished.

Choose a photo with color variation

A photo that isn’t too dark and that has a lot of variation in colors will be lots of fun to paint. So think about the painting experience when picking out your photo, and keep in mind that while all photos will look amazing, the more there is to see, the more visually stunning the end result.

Ready to begin painting from photos? Order your custom Paint by Numbers kit today!

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