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7 at-Home St Valentine's Activities with Your Loved One!

Posted by Lois Chan on

Show love and connect with your loved ones through a token of effort, thoughts or gift on this St Valentine's Day!

Wouldn't it be nice to reignite the flame of passion 💘or simply putting a smile on the face of our loved ones 🥰?  Here we have short-listed some ideas for activities to help you just that, from the comfort of your home!

1. Gazing at the Starry Night
The marvel of the universe can be so inspiring, particularly in a romantic setting - look up for when the next meteor shower or the next comet is coming by, or simply looking out the window together - cozying up in the sofa and learning about the constellations from home - it's the special moment that counts and bonds. 

2. Paint Your Moment of Love
Pick out a painting that you both like or custom-make one using your most cherished moment in snapshot - paint your love together from home! While painting is known for its therapeutic experience; painting with your partner is simply rewarding and romantic. The experience can be such fun and you will get to see the painting hanging on the wall of your home reminding you of the good time.

3. Up your Artistic Level by Virtual Visits of Art Exhibition or Museum
Find a nice exhibit and spend some time exploring the arts together online! Enjoying art and culture helps nourish your relationship and the exchange between you two can help better understand each other’s preferences and thoughts too!
4. Zumba Zoom! 

Signing up for an online workout class together, trying out each other’s exercise routines, breaking a sweat together can help to bond too. The end result is a more satisfying experience while feeling good with ourselves.
5. Love Hut 2.0

There is no better way to have invigorating discussions than talking about which color should be on that wall! Well, you'd be surprised that many couples reignited their passion as they worked on renovating their home together - through 'heated' and  passionate discussion"!.  Put on some great music and get your hands dirty - you'll find it's really pure fun rather than hard work by the end of the day. 
6. Cook a Themed Dinner
Set a theme, for instance, a Parisian night and cook some classic French dishes together (Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq au Vin, etc) get a nice bottle of wine to pair with and watch a French movie. Experiencing something novel together can be surprisingly fun for couples.  Besides, you’ll get to enjoy a unique wine and dine session, win-win!
7. Couple’s Playlist
Listening to a customized playlist that is most representational of your relationship will make this an invaluable and lasting gift to you both. Reminiscing the song playing in the background during your first date at the café or while you are having your first kiss, the song you two sing together in perfect harmony, or the usual tune during the shower, etc, this playlist will help remind the two of you of how the passion had started and shall happily last.


Why wait till the St Valentine's day to do any of these activities that spice up your life? You can do it alone or with a friend too!  😉

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