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Craft-Ease Paint By Numbers - Celebrities

Craft-Ease Paint By Numbers - Celebrities collection gathers all artwork of your favorite celebrities (from Lady Gaga to The Queen). With Craft-Ease Paint By Numbers Kits, any beginner can now paint masterpieces from independent artists. With each order you place, you help an artist and become one.

An image showing Portrait of Portia By Penelope Hunter
Portrait of Portia

50 x 40 cm

by Penelope Hunter

$34.80 Sale $29.80
An image showing Leia By Sybile Art

50 x 40 cm

by Sybile Art

"Mad Hatter Johnny Depp" Paint By Numbers Craft-Ease™ - Exclusive Series (50 x 40 cm) - Craft-Ease
Mad Hatter Johnny Depp

50 x 40 cm

by Ben Heine

An image showing Margot Robbie By Afriyan Rahmadan
Margot Robbie

50 x 40 cm

by Afriyan Rahmadan


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