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3 Easy Steps on How to Paint with Diamonds For Beginners

Posted by Juliane Sunshine on

If you just got (or are planning to get) your very first diamond painting kit, then we have you covered with our step by step guide on how to paint with diamonds for beginners.

Diamond painting is a craft that is quickly growing in popularity among both novices and experienced artists alike. And contrary to what you might be thinking, you don’t need to have put hours of practice into diamond painting in order to end up with stunning results. Picking up diamond painting as a beginner is totally doable, and it’s a fantastic way to enjoy a wide range of benefits. This includes benefiting from the therapeutic properties of diamond art, which serves as a perfect way to relax your mind and decompress from your day.

Below, we’re outlining the basics of what you need to get started so that you can get to work enjoying diamond painting and all of the benefits that it offers.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is an art form that involves adding colorful gems to a canvas in order to create impressive crystalline artwork. Think of it like a cross between paint by numbers and cross-stitch, with clearly indicated areas on the canvas that tell you what diamonds go where. The specially cut diamonds with multiple facets allow reflecting light while giving body to each pixel—making diamond paintings sparkle under light and look 3D. It displays much more precision than a painting, which can become smudged and blurry.

This form of art has become increasingly popular over the past several years, and for a lot of reasons—one of them being that you can make truly impressive art without needing to have any previous experience. Other reasons include diamond painting’s use as a stress reliever, as well as its ability to help you relax and concentrate.

Diamond painting kits available in the market vary by adhesion method, the shape of the diamonds, the availability of ultra shiny diamonds, Star AB diamonds (strass or drills), and the tools included in each kit. Kits that include poured glue canvas with additional ultra brilliant Star AB diamonds offer reduced chance of wrinkles on the canvas while rendering a stunning art of sparkly highlights!

How Do You Do Diamond Painting?

Now on to the good stuff. Diamond craft painting is a great choice for artists of all skill levels, and you can create beautiful works of art even on the first go. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Unpack your tools

Go through your kit and pull out each of the tools that you will need. For Craft-Ease kits, that will be your poured glue canvas, dazzling star AB diamonds, sparkly round diamonds, 2 applicators, 2 gum sheets, a tray, and tweezers.

To get set up and ready to go, lay your canvas out on a flat surface. Then pour your diamonds into the provided tray so that you can easily separate out the colors that you need as you need them.

Step 2: Start diamond painting

Pick a section of your canvas to start with and peel back the protective film over that section. Start small, and then expand your section as you go.

Press the tip of your applicator onto a piece of applicator gum to pick up the right amount of adhesive. Use the gummed tip to apply adhesive to the canvas, then use the tip to gently pick up a diamond that corresponds to the symbol on the canvas (you’ll have a list of these symbols and their corresponding colors to help you out) and press it on.

Made a mistake? Use the tweezer to remove the diamond and swap in the correct color.

Step 3: Press

When you’ve completed your canvas, use a heavy object or your hands to press down on the canvas and make sure all of your diamonds are adhered. Then you’re done!

If diamond painting is calling your name, you’re in the right place. At Craft-Ease, we sell top of the line diamond painting kits, including easy diamond art kits for beginners. The designs created by independent artists are exclusively available on our website. For every sales, Craft-Ease compensates the artists with a commission. Shop the diamond painting kit collection, pick your favorite canvas, and happy crafting!

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