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Become a Craft-Ease Artist and earn from your art

If you create amazing artwork and want people to have a unique experience with your art, Craft-Ease is for you. We will turn your art into wonderful Paint By Numbers Kits and other merchandise. Create your free account, upload your images and start earning money. Join us now

Why joining Craft-Ease?

  • Get seen by millions We will pay to advertise your art on social media (no cost for you)

  • Offer a Unique Experience People won’t just buy your art, they’ll make it with you

  • Connect with your audience People painting your art always become raving fans

  • Over $ 300,000 Spent in advertising artists

  • 75 countries We ship to

How does it work?

  • Upload your artwork

  • We manage everything else (from advertisement, to shipment, to customer service)

  • You get paid commission on sales

We respect and protect artists

We go far and beyond to ensure that your copyrights are respected.

Join us now