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Craft-Ease Originals

Craft-Ease is thrilled to introduce our latest collection of Craft-Ease exclusive artwork, hand-crafted by our very own team of talented artists! Each paint by numbers and diamond painting kit in this collection is a unique work of art that only Craft-Ease have in its portfolio.

Our team of artists have poured their hearts and souls into these pieces. From stunning landscapes to captivating portraits, our collection features a wide range of styles and subjects, each one more beautiful than the last. 

And the best part? By purchasing a painting or diamond painting kit from our exclusive collection, you're not only adding a stunning piece of art to your home, but you're also supporting our team of talented artists. We're committed to providing our artists with fair compensation for their work, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you're supporting independent artists and helping to keep the arts alive.

We're so excited to share this collection with you, and we hope that each piece will bring you joy and inspiration for years to come. Thank you for supporting Craft-Ease and our team of talented artists!

"Natural Growth" Diamond Painting Kit Craft-Ease™ (Multiple sizes)
Natural Growth

Multiple sizes

by Craft-Ease Originals

$39.98 Sale $31.98
"Cabin Under the Hill" Diamond Painting Kit Craft-Ease™ (Multiple sizes)
Cabin Under the Hill

Multiple sizes

by Craft-Ease Originals

$39.98 Sale $31.98

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