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Merveilles de la faune : explorer le règne animal à travers la peinture par numéros

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Wildlife Wonders: Exploring the Animal Kingdom through Paint by Numbers

Wildlife has always captivated our imaginations. From ancient cave paintings to modern-day masterpieces, artists have sought to capture the essence and beauty of the animal kingdom. Now, with wildlife-themed paint-by-numbers kits, you can be the artist who brings these majestic creatures to life. Let’s take a peek at the Craft-Ease animal paint-by-numbers collection!

"Determination Changes Everything" Craft-Ease

"Determination Changes Everything" painted by Milky Mikkie

"Electric Jellyfish World" Craft-Ease

"Electric Jellyfish World" painted by an_learns_art

I enjoyed painting this. It was fun. Different from the others I have been painting lately so it was a nice change...

Erin Young 

"Travelling Llama" Craft-Ease

One of the standout features of wildlife paint-by-numbers kits is the vibrant color palette they provide. From the striking patterns of jungle tigers to the delicate shades of underwater sea life, each kit is a celebration of nature's hues.

"Facing the Morning Sun" Craft-Ease

"Facing the Morning Sun" by Penelope Hunter

"Tropical Bird and Flowers" Craft-Ease
"Hippo" Craft-Ease

"Hippo" painted by Camille TSEKAS

creativity with no border

Ready for a splash of whimsy? The next artworks are bursting with charm! Featuring quirky and imaginative designs, that match your playful vibe perfectly. Check out these unique creations and let the artistic fun begin!

"Capybara with Oranges" Craft-Ease
Craft-Ease paint by numbers "True Jungle Friendship"

"True Jungle Friendship" painted by Sandra Mowbray

"Tree Frog" Craft-Ease

"Tree Frog" painted by Fiona Knowles

Craft-Ease paint by numbers "Colorful Existence"

"Colorful Existence" painted by Stéphanie Pérès

Whether you're a seasoned painter or just starting your artistic journey, these kits offer an easy and enjoyable way to explore the animal kingdom from the comfort of your home. Experience the joy and excitement of creating your own wildlife masterpiece with Craft-Ease paint-by-numbers and diamond painting kits! (want to know what diamond painting is? read our blog about diamond painting)

All in all

Summing up, painting is a universal occupation that develops concentration for a durable period and helps to reduce anxious thoughts at the same time. You don't need to be proficient in any specific skills and knowledge to get your first paint-by-numbers and start painting it. You will not even realize how 2-3 hours can quickly fly. If you feel that your painting goes wrong, and you feel irritated, it is better to pause and leave the picture for several days until you are ready to proceed. Don't set any limits like how many days you have to finish the picture, just do it at your pleasure whenever you feel stressed or want to spend your free time usefully.

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