Autocuidado para seus filhos e como ser um bom modelo

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Self-Care for Your Children and How to Be a Good Role Model

As parents, we want our kids to live a healthy and happy life, but sometimes getting that equation right is easier said than done. Sometimes our children need a bit of a push, and as their role models, we need to make a great first impression that they can learn from. Here at Craft Ease, making crafts is the name of the game and it makes us very happy that we can do what we love. We want your children to be happy as well, so we have some great tips for how your kids can practice self-care with the leadership of their parents.


As you may imagine, a major component of living a healthy lifestyle is to get enough exercise, and this is especially important for children because they need all the energy they can get to grow healthy bones and muscles. By getting out and about with sports and bike riding, kids will also improve their motor skills which will be essential when they become adults.

While kids typically like to spend time running around, the availability of TV screens and video games means that many children are indoors on the couch more often than we may like. As adults, create fun outdoor activities like camping or hiking that you can do as a family that will get the blood flowing.

Mental Health Is Important, Too

While physical health is important, growing children also need to keep their brains engaged so they can have a strong mind as they transition into adulthood. In addition to making sure that they do well in school, parents can also encourage brain development by engaging in new hobbies with their kids. Fun art projects, like those that we do at Craft Ease are a great starting point because art requires the use of our imaginations, and when we are creative, we exercise different parts of our brain. Plus, your kids may discover that they have a talent that they never realized.

Avoid Stress

Many parents may believe that kids are relatively free of stress since they don’t have to work, but that is not necessarily the case. There is a lot of pressure on kids as they try to cope with new experiences and try to fit in with their peers. As parents, you can have a big impact on how your kids deal with these life moments by making a good impression in your own lives.

If you are stressed at work and you verbally show your frustrations when you get home then your kids may do the same. Instead, if work is hard right now, Zenbusiness suggests that you can improve your situation and have a happier experience by changing up your routine by starting your workday at a different time or speaking to your boss about your frustrations. Talking about your issues in a productive way will set a good example for your kids.

Eat Right

Kids also need to eat a nutritious diet as they grow up. In order to develop properly, kids need to focus on three major food groups during their younger years: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and foods that are high in protein. All children should eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and if they must snack in between, then give them healthy items to munch on, like nuts or carrot sticks.

Proper nutrition is an area where parents can’t follow the “do as I say, not as I do” rule. If you tell your kids that they should eat healthy meals but you are constantly coming home with fast food, then your children are going to get the wrong idea and they won’t take your instruction seriously. Parents need to eat vegetables and protein as well because vegetables provide necessary vitamins, and proteins, including fish, provide us with natural energy.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can provide your kids with a healthy lifestyle, but parents must be part of the solution. If you have questions about how art and crafts can be a part of the solution, then contact Craft Ease at the page here.

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