Como organizar sua própria noite de pintura com as garotas

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Wondering how to host your own paint night for your friends? A sip and paint night is the perfect spin on a traditional girls’ night—especially when you add wine to the fun. And, unlike other popular activities like restaurant and bar outings, you can totally throw a virtual paint party and get all of the enjoyment without everyone needing to be in one place.

Whether you’re looking for an epic idea for your next girls’ get together or are just looking for creative and fun at-home activities, here’s how to host a paint night that will be one to remember.

There Are So Many Benefits of an At-Home Painting and Wine Night

Paint night parties, also called Sip and Paint parties, have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past half decade or so, combining standard girls’ night fare like wine and refreshments with the joy that comes with creating your own piece of art.

Pre-pandemic, these types of parties almost always took place at studios. But with the shift to virtual-based communication, Sip and Paint parties offer a strong alternative to standard video chats. Some benefits of hosting a paint night from the comfort of home: you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to planning (including picking out your painting of choice)—and it’s a lot more affordable when all you need to do is stock up on basic painting supplies and a bottle of your favorite vino.

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Paint and Sip Girls’ Night In

There’s nothing like paint parties for upping the ante on a great girls’ night. So grab your roommates or line up your friends’ schedules for a video call and bring out your inner hostess to put together a night that everyone will love.

Here are some tips on how to do it right:

Paint a work of art or a Paint & Wine date

You can either let everyone know what they need to have on hand ahead of time or, if it’s in your budget, supply everything yourself. A great way to ensure everyone has what they need is to opt for paint by numbers or diamond painting kits, since they include all the necessary supplies in one package.

Choose your artwork

You’re the host so it’s up to you to decide what the theme of your paintings will be; it can be a tribute to the nature, Or are you going to recreate a classic work of art? An original and unique painting? Design something custom? Pick something you think everyone will like and that they’ll want to hang up when they’re finished. 

Plan your paint space

Have everyone pick a spot for painting that offers plenty of light, since it’s important to be able to see what you’re doing.

Decorate your backdrop

You’re the host, so may as well be extra festive. Decorate your space to make the event more party-like, such as with string lights, streamers, or balloons. It’s a small effort that can make a big difference for the night.

Don’t forget refreshments

Make sure everyone is ready with a glass of wine or other drink of their choice. You can make it even more fun by making it BYOD (bring your own dessert) and having each of your guests pair their drink with a baked good or other sweet item.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to the supplies that you’ll need for your painting girls’ night. At Craft Ease, we offer top of the line paint by number and diamond painting kits, with everything that you and your guests need for a truly unforgettable paint night—what is more? For every order you place, you support an artist and their creations! Shop today and get your party planning started!

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