We Don't Compromise on Quality

We innovate. By offering our designs in poured glue canvas, ultra shiny AB diamonds and a quality toolkit for completing a stunning art, we make the best diamond paintings kits in the industry while supporting the artists by rewarding them for their creativity with every sales.


Poured Glue Canvas


Only True Experts Swears by Those

Our canvas is covered in poured glue. It will always stick. You'll never have any bubbles and your diamonds will never fall. That's the only way your art will continue to look stunning FOREVER!

Diamonds that 

sparkle like fireworks

Get your shades ready!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your masterpiece glisten when the sun hits the shiny colored diamonds! We make it satisfying with extra sparkly diamonds harvested from the stars!


One? No, Two Applicators!

We know the excitement and urge to see the finished diamond painting as soon as possible, so we include another applicator that can pick up more colored diamonds at once!


Quality Tools 🎨

A tray and a pair of tweezers to keep your workstation organized and your masterpiece error free!


Never run out!

This is a diamond painter's worst nightmare: “Running out of gum before the masterpiece is finished”. Fear not, we have two gum pads ready for you to use! You can also save it for later as an extra for your next diamond painting

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