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  • An image showing Colorful Elephant By Afriyan Rahmadan
  • paint by numbers of Colorful Elephant
  • A paint by number in progress of Colorful Elephant
  • A summary of elements included in each paint by numbers kit of Craft-Ease
  • A display of elements included in each Craft-Ease Rolled Canvas Kit
  • A display of elements included in each Craft-Ease Framed Canvas Kit
  • 4 wooden brushes included in each kit
  • Fabric linen canvas included in each kit
  • Quality acrylic paint included in each kit

Colorful Elephant

by Afriyan Rahmadan

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Size: 40 x 50 cm


Everything you need to create a masterpiece:

This kit is part of our Exclusive Series of Craft-Ease™ Paint By Numbers made with Independent Artists. In this exclusive collaboration, they get paid for every painting kit sold. So if you want to support an artist, just get one of their art as a Paint By Numbers kit and enjoy a relaxing time painting it for yourself!

To roll or not to roll?

Rolled Canvas Kit

Roll it on up!

The "Rolled Canvas Kit" includes all you need to re-create each artwork from scratch with a securely rolled canvas to avoid creases.

Framed Canvas Kit

Frame it up!

The "Framed Canvas Kit" is what our fans rave about! It's the best upgrade from the "Rolled Canvas Kit". You get it all, plus the Canvas comes pre-framed and the box turns into an easel.

All the tools you need.

Linen Canvas

Professional Painters swear by those

This is the real thing; a Linen Fabric Canvas printed in color so you won't be scratching your head to know what color to paint. And the numbers are big and clear! No more guesswork, just joy & paint!

Paint Pots

Paint Pots that get you covered!

Ever worry about running out of paint? Don't! We've got you covered. With up to 5 pots for some large color spaces, we'll always keep you fuller than last year's Christmas dinner 🍗

Paint Pot holder

Who doesn't like better storage?

Bonus Paint Pot Holder included in every kit to keep you painting in style 😎


Quality Tools 🎨

4 Wooden Paintbrushes with all the tip sizes you need to make you feel like Picasso!

Color Guide and Reference Sheet

Reference Sheet 🕵️‍♀️

Numbers are never enough! If you're looking to create that Da Vinci perfection, we'll give you all the references you need to compare and adjust.

Pre-Framed Canvas

Hassle Free, Ready to Hang!

Because we know it's hard and costly to frame it yourself, our professionals do it for you! Delivered hassle free!

Supporting Artists with every purchase

Our exclusive series features art that's made by a range of artists all over the world