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Who Are We at Craft-Ease?

Craft-Ease Team

My name is David, I'm the founder of Craft-Ease. 

To tell you the truth, I'm not an artist myself. So you might wonder why I created Craft-Ease Paint By Numbers. And here is the answer. My first motivation is the mental health benefits that it provides to people. Anxiety is a raising issue in our extremely busy world. And one of the main cause is that people have stopped taking time for themselves.

We have stopped taking breaks to sit, look at the sky and DO NOTHING. And we need that. 

We are so busy and constantly stimulated by technology that we think that we don't have time for ourselves. But we do, and Craft-Ease Paint By Numbers help you to give yourselves the time that you need to stop thinking.

I witnessed first hand how creating art helps people to re-connect with their inner selves while giving them an opportunity to express their emotions. And at the same time, it brings people together as it helps you reconnect with yourself and the people around you.

To summarize it in one word. It's THERAPEUTIC

"Craft-Ease's mission is to help people finding time to re-connect with themselves through art"

This means that we must promote art as a form of expression and relaxation. To do so, we must

  1. Empower independent artists with a place where they can expose their art and get paid for their hard but beautiful work. So that every art that we sell contributes to help them do more of their art.
  2. And we must give our customer an experience of art and relaxation that sparks joy and gives birth to new artists.

So, at Craft-Ease, we work in close collaboration with independent artists, 

"With Each Order You Place, You Help An Artist And Become One".

With Each Order You Place, You Help An Artist and Become One

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