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Artist Collaboration Agreement

This agreement defines the requirements covering the collaboration between the artist, signed and named at the end of this agreement, and YuniqueS ltd, a limited corporation operating the website (

The Artist collaborating with YuniqueS Limited agrees to General Terms of Service which can be found at the following web address:

Alongside the general terms of service, the artist is also required to follow the terms defined in the following sections.


The Artist is a natural person engaged in business activity, an unincorporated organizational entity that has been endowed with legal capacity on the basis of separate provisions, or a legal person, all of whom have created and currently maintain an Account in order to provide access to Artwork which they have delivered. Artist is not a consumer within the meaning of the law.

The Artwork is an illustration, photograph, or other non-textual material prepared for inclusion in a publication. It can be a painting, drawing, or any other artistic work. It is delivered in the form of data published and made available by the Artist on the Account.

The Agreement is an agreement for the provision of services connected with the Artist delivering the Artwork to the Website on the terms and conditions provided for in these Terms of Use.

Website ( - Internet websites run and operated by YuniqueS Ltd which enables Artists to provide access to the artwork.


YuniqueS ltd follows a strong ethic regarding copyright, trademark and other rights of ownership.

The Artist keeps all rights to the artwork provided by the Artist to YuniqueS Ltd, and may at any time remove his art from the website. All orders from Users for Products based on the artwork by a particular Artist that are placed before the deletion of the artwork will be completed.

By providing your artwork to YuniqueS Limited you confirm that you are the original owner of the artwork or the rightful copyright holder with all required permissions. Having your artwork on the website means that YuniqueS Limited, its subsidiary or its parent company can make use of the submitted artworks for advertising, promotion and endorsement purposes. By adding the artwork you also evaluate and bear any risk related to your user submission including, accuracy, completeness, usefulness or copyrights of the submitted material. To your knowledge, user submissions will be public and the original artist remains the ultimate copyright owner of the artwork.

For any case of intellectual breach or violation of copyright or legal right by artist, YuniqueS Ltd does not bear any liability including the financial obligations.

You hereby grant YuniqueS Ltd the non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivatives, display and perform the user submission including its derivatives. Also YuniqueS ltd reserves the ultimate rights to add, edit, remove, approve or disapprove any submission based on various verifiable and non-verifiable factors.


The content that you submit using your artist account including, but not limited to, your user information, photos, images, product descriptions, tags, any kind of labeling, titles or any text that describes your submission in any way must be accurate, original, ethical and not offending to any individual or community’s sentiments. You will make the best effort to ensure that the information provided using your artist account is non-misleading in any way. If your content is found mis-leading, inaccurate or in any form violating the General Terms of Use, YuniqueS Ltd may delete such information and the related products in their entirety.

In any unsolicited case of copyright infringement or violation of general terms of use, you can report the problem to YuniqueS ltd team at 


An artist reserves right to close their account, withdraw an artwork or edit or delete the content anytime. However, in cases critical for company operation, it might take up to 10 operational days for YuniqueS Ltd to remove the requested info, text, image or any material on the Website. Artists must inform about any such actions well in advance for the mutual benefits. If any of your artwork is agreed upon for a fixed amount of sales, YuniqueS Ltd might not withdraw the artwork until the agreed amount is sold in form of art prints, artwork or any kind of merchandise specified in the agreement between YuniqueS Ltd and the applicable artist(s). If any promotional campaigns or endorsements are active at the time of removal, YuniqueS Ltd may continue to use the artwork and its derivative material for promotional purposes.


In any case of breach, non-conformity, infringement, violation of terms or policies or in unprecedented circumstances, YuniqueS Ltd may terminate an artist account following the enforcement actions like sending a notification to the artist informing about offending, illegal or Non-conforming action.

Additionally YuniqueS Ltd reserves the right to remove, limit, suspend on terminate your account, prohibit access to your account and its content, and discontinue its a relationship with any users that YuniqueS Ltd determines are in violation of the General Terms of Use.


Having an artist account, artists may be provided customer data such as email, phone number, name etc in certain cases. However, YuniqueS Ltd expects each of its artist to treat the data with utmost care, in compliance with YuniqueS Ltd privacy policy. We neither sell our customer data to any third party vendor nor entertain any artist to use customer data in unethical ways. Artists are provided customer data only when it is necessary for order processing and relevant tasks and thereby artists are not granted permission to send any unsolicited message(s) to the customer or unauthorized transactions. YuniqueS Ltd considers user privacy and safety very seriously and any artist’s non-confirming action may immediately result into suspension of the artist account.

Artists, having an artist account on YuniqueS Ltd are solely responsible for the data acquired using their artist account on YuniqueS Ltd. Any customer data or commercial data that artists acquire from YuniqueS Ltd and is covered under Craft-Ease Privacy Policy, must be kept confidential to the artist themselves. Artists may also require to access data in form of portability, correction, deletion and objections to processing. In cases of violation of customer's privacy, the artist will be solely responsible for actions taken through or by the help of their artist account. If artists are fined, sued or are subjected to legal payments for unauthorized or unethical use of customer or commercial data, the artist agrees to indemnify the expenses that occur in the process.


By submitting your artwork through the artist account on YuniqueS Ltd, you authorize YuniqueS Ltd to manufacture, sell, distribute and promote products displaying your artwork through the website and subsidiary and parent companies. The prices charged to the customer for purchases made at YuniqueS Ltd include manufacturing fees, delivery/shipping fee, YuniqueS Ltd commission for hosting and facilitating the transaction and communication between the artist and the customer, artists’ compensation & any kind of applicable taxes. By creating and opening an artist account at YuniqueS Ltd you authorize YuniqueS Ltd to deduct the base fee, shipping charges and manufacturing expense to distribute the remainder for artist compensation and taxation. The typical commissions for artists on each sales via YuniqueS Ltd are as follows:

Case A: 5% on each sale brought through in-house or promotional activities or direct traffic led by YuniqueS Ltd.

Case B: Up to 25% commission on each sale brought through the referral link provided to the artist from YuniqueS Ltd.

See the detail commission schedule below:


Commission for artist

Unit Price Sold (exclusive of shipping fees)

Case A

Case B

Full price



Discounted price - up to 10% discount



Discounted price - 10% to 19.99% discount



Discounted price - 20% to 29.99% discount



Discounted price - 30% to 59.99% discount



Discounted price - 60% to 99.99% discount



Commission calculation is a percentage of the product price at which it is sold. It excludes any additional fees like shipping fees. Discounts can result from either promotional campaigns on the website to discount referral that artists receive.

Payments are made via PayPal to the artist’s PayPal Account. You can make request for payment as soon as you accumulated a minimum of 100 USD into your account. Payments will be made on monthly basis by YuniqueS Ltd to the applicable artists. For any kind of tax that arises as a result of receiving a payment from YuniqueS Ltd, its subsidiaries, parent company, licensors or partners, the artist only is liable for the payment. 

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