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Elen Lescoat

Elen Lescoat - Artist Profile

Currently living in the beautiful region of Brittany in France with her husband, their two children and their little cat, French artist Ms. Elen Lescoat is far from a nouvel in art creation. Elen shared that she has discovered her artistic passion at a young age and she has been drawing since.

In addition to her talent and a knack for illustration, Elen also received professional training in arts. She worked in an advertising agency before becoming a full-time illustrator over a decade ago. It is, still to this date, of her greatest pleasure and joy that she’s been making a living with her passion of creating beautiful and colorful illustrations that people cannot resist to love!

"Licornette" Diamond Painting Kit Craft-Ease™ - Exclusive Series (40 x 50 cm)

40 x 50 cm

by Elen Lescoat

"April" Diamond Painting Kit Craft-Ease™ - Exclusive Series (50 x 40 cm)

50 x 40 cm

by Elen Lescoat