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Paint By Numbers Tips & Tricks

Posted by Lois Chan on

Paint By Numbers offers a unique opportunity for anyone to create beautiful works of art quickly and easily. Whether you’re already an expert or someone who’s just beginning, we’ve put together a quick guide of our favorite
paint by numbers tips and paint by numbers techniques that will help people of all skill levels develop stronger abilities.

DIY Paint by Numbers Instructions

1. Choose the right workplace

As therapeutic art is all about reconnecting with yourself, it’s important to find a peaceful place to paint. Choose a place that will help you relax, clear your mind, and eliminate any distractions from the outside world. If you’re worried about making a mess, you can always throw a newspaper or some plastic down to keep your workspace clean!

2. Begin in descending order

When it comes to paint by numbers, “light or dark first” is probably one of the first questions you’ll ask. It’s important that you start your work in descending order—this means to start work from a larger area and then move towards smaller areas. You’ll want to first use the darkest color in your canvas and then use the lightest color. That way, you’ll be moving from dark to light in a sequence of color’s effect. 

3. Keep your paint pot lids closed

The only thing worse than spilled paint? Dry paint! After you’re finished with a certain color, don’t forget to close your paint pot lid to prevent it from drying. 

4. Try to avoid smudges

We all know that dreaded feeling of your hand brushing up against the painted area of a canvas when it’s still wet. To avoid any smudging, try painting the top area first, and then gradually move down to the lower area.

5. Clean your brushes as you go

When using paint by numbers, mixing colors together can ultimately create a color you weren’t necessarily hoping for. That’s why it’s important to keep your brushes as clean as possible! Plus, acrylic paint is thick and dries quickly, which can make it difficult to wash off of brushes. We recommend keeping a cup of water and paper towel close by so that you can keep your brush clean when switching colors.  After washing your brush, try starting a new part of the piece. This will help to give your canvas a fresh texture. 

6. Use the right amount of paint

Always use less paint than you think you’ll need! Most of the time, the spaces that need to be filled are very small, and using more paint than necessary can lead to a mistake. We highly suggest using Gesso, a base primer that should be applied to the surface of the canvas before painting. It will effectively allow a thin coat of acrylic paint on one application, instead of painting directly on the canvas, which can require more paints to cover the numbers.

7. Take your time and have some fun

The painting process is all about patience, creativity, and having some fun—don’t worry about making little mistakes, the most beautiful thing about art is that it’s completely subjective. The canvas is all yours, so sit back, unwind, and enjoy the craft! 

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