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How to Make Your Own Diamond Painting at Home (with Photoshop)

Posted by Elvin Susanto on

At this point, almost everybody knows what Diamond Painting is and what the hype is about. It is a sparkly artwork that is so fun to work on. But here in this blog, I’m going to let you in a little secret about how you can create your own Diamond Painting canvas using Photoshop!

If you don’t own Photoshop, you can try using Canva, it’s a free online graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.

Let’s start the process!

How to Create Custom Grid with Photoshop

First, we are going to start by creating a pattern in Photoshop. This pattern will later be used in the making of your Diamond Painting canvas.

1. Create a file that is 500x500 pixels in size.

2. Create a line using a rectangle, and the color you use for the rectangle will be the grid color shown on the canvas.

3. Duplicate the rectangle with CTRL+J or CMD+J on Mac and position the rectangle like in the image below.

4. Combine every layer using the Flatten Layers option.

5. Go to Edit > Define Pattern to add the pattern to your list.

How to Create Your Own Diamond Painting with Photoshop

1. Create a new file in Photoshop and enter the dimension that you want for your diamond painting. The sample below, it’s a square image and the dimension is 40 x 40 centimeters (Height x Width). 

Drag and drop the image into Photoshop after it's done.

2. Resize your image to fit the dimensions you want by using the transform tool. 

After dragging your photo into the canvas, you might see that the photo is not filling up the entire canvas properly, either leaving white space or it’s too big. 

Adjust the image to fit the size that you have set by using the transform tool (click on the image layer that you want to adjust > Edit > Transform > Scale). Drag the white points on the image to fit the entire canvas.

3. Go to Edit > New Fill Layer > Pattern. Choose a pattern that you just created

4. Adjust the pattern size using the percentage to fit the diamond drill size (~3mm). 

You can activate rulers on Photoshop using CTRL+R or CMD+R for Mac, right-click on the ruler and change it to Millimeters. 

5. Change the blending option for the pattern layer to Multiply. This will remove the white color, leaving the black grid behind. 

6. Adjust the opacity of the grid or artwork if the lines are not visible enough. 

7. Your personal Diamond Painting canvas is now ready

Now you just need to print and fill the canvas in the right diamond drill colors! Check out our Special Diamonds set that we have curated from our most popular AB and Star AB diamonds!

Assembling your Diamond Painting

Next up is the part where your DIY skills shine, and that is printing and assembling your diamond painting. As you know, diamond painting canvases are big and there is a layer of glue poured on top of it for the diamond drills. Here are our tips to recreate that at home.

1. Printing

You will need to print the image in segments and assemble it later on to form a big canvas. Remember to print it on thicker paper for a better experience!

2. Glueing

After assembling the printed segments, it’s time to put on the glue for the diamond drills. The glue that we recommend using is double-sided adhesive tape. Not only this kind of tape is dry and less messy compared to wet glue, but also it’s transparent!

Prepare your Diamond Painting tools

a. Diamond painting pen

b. Applicator Gum

c. Diamond drills

Now that all is done, you just need to enjoy your very own DIY Coloring by Numbers from home! Also don’t miss out on our weekly email of free Coloring by Numbers, subscribe to our newsletter below.


We have created guides on how you can create your own Paint by Numbers and Coloring by Numbers from home too! 

Craft-Ease Custom Diamond Painting

Don’t have the time to do your very own DIY? Head on to our Custom Diamond Painting page and let us do all the work! You just need to upload your preferred image, choose the canvas size that you would like, and then we will deliver it to your home.

If this is your first time trying out Diamond Painting, check out our Diamond Painting guide. We have listed out tips and tricks that might be useful for you when you paint!

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