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Getting Personal with Talents | Artist - Maja Wronska

Posted by Lois Chan on

Craft-Ease supports independent artists by offering their Unique Designs in paint by numbers so people can enjoy world-class amazing artworks from their home. Many fans want to learn more about our talented artists; so we launched a series of interviews with them.

We had the pleasure to interview architect Maja Wronska, the artist behind the gorgeous cityscape Chicago River on Craft-Ease: 

1. How did you become an artist?

I'm an architect, who graduated Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. I started my own business after graduation. Art is a part of my work, but I'm not sure I'm an artist, I'm an architect who paints with watercolors. 

2. What inspires your art? Where and how do you find inspiration?

Mostly places, lights, but sometimes I'm inspired by movies and television shows. Also, I try to combine traditional medium as watercolor with modern techniques like virtual reality, augmented reality, motion design etc.  

 3. What does your art mean to you?

Art is a part of my work, but it's also my hobby I think.


4. What is the most valuable piece of art to you? 

I don't have one. Some of my paintings I like better some of them less; some of them are better than the others. I believe it's also related to the amount of inspiration I felt while painting the particular artwork.

5. How do you overcome your creative blocks?

It's hard, but the best solution is to wait a day or a few days, work on something different, browse some movies, artwork, television shows and start with a new artistic approach. 

6. Would you describe the experience or feelings you have when creating your art?

I believe it's an urge to create some artwork. Art is usually more visually appealing when it's created when the artist is inspired.

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