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Getting Personal with Talents | Artist - Lex Zooz

Posted by Lois Chan on


Craft-Ease supports independent artists by offering their Unique Designs in paint by numbers so people can enjoy world-class amazing artworks from their home. Many fans want to learn more about our talented artists; so we launched a series of interviews with them.

We had the pleasure to interview Estonian urban mural artist, illustrator and graphic designer Lex Zooz, whose murals and artworks can be found in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Malta, Lebanon and United States of America (Austin): 

1. How did you become an artist?

Art for me was interesting and fascinating since childhood. So I always walked along the path associated with art. Сonstantly studied and explored new opportunities and techniques. So I can’t say at what point I became an artist, probably I was always. 

2. What inspires your art? Where and how do you find inspiration?

I am mostly get inspired by various natural phenomena, as well as changes in weather conditions in nature such as the northern lights, dawn, sunset, fog, rain...Therefore, I often turn to plots with trees, with the sea, stones and rocks, where these things can be seen. I am also inspired by the work of other artists from different areas.

3. What does your art mean to you?

My art is divided into different areas: one area of art is commercial, which I earn my living , another area is where I experiment and hone my skills, another area is where I just express my feelings, and the last area is where I study new techniques and technological opportunities. So it can be said that with the help of art I study the world around me as well as myself. 

4. What is the most valuable piece of art to you? 

How capacious and clear are idea. I also consider it very valuable for the artworks is how stylish, strong and independent the form was created by the artist.

5. How do you overcome your creative blocks?

Sports, cycling, nature walks and traveling help me overcome creative blocks and crises. 

6. Would you describe the experience or feelings you have when creating your art?

I think that I am experiencing the usual state of a working person who is concentrated and passionate about his work. Only the work must not be done mechanically, but constantly have to use the imagination. And probably the most important thing is to connect the physical and metaphysical worlds in a visual format. The experience is always different, but the more diligently you do your job, the further it becomes easier and more interesting to work on projects.

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