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Easiest Paint by Numbers for Beginners

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If you have been wondering about which artwork is the best to start your Paint by Numbers journey with, we got you all covered. We have listed out our favorite and easiest Paint by Numbers artworks that are not only beautiful but also easy for beginners! Here are our picks: 

This particular artwork is easily one of our top picks due to the color palette that has been created by the artist  Gremren. Isn't it amazing that she has created an artwork that has such depth and complexity by using just 4 different colors? Because it only has 4 colors, this Paint by Numbers piece doesn't have fine details for you to fill in, which makes it easy especially for beginners.

Afriyan Rahmadan is one of our artists that specializes in pop art, specifically WPAP and the artwork below is one of his many works. This particular piece is easy to work on as a Paint by Numbers because this artwork is created from different blocks of colors and shapes, a perfect piece to start out!

Below is an artwork by Marla Gill. At this point, you know the gist of why this artwork is selected as one of the easiest pieces to work on for beginners. It looks more complex and detailed compared to the other two that have been mentioned above but one thing this artwork has in common with the other two is flat solid colors. Solid colors in Paint by Numbers are easier to color because they show up as one shape, meanwhile, gradient colors are divided into multiple shapes with multiple colors so it's more detailed and adds to the complexity. 

Now you might be thinking this Przemek Sobieckiartwork isn't like the previous artworks mentioned above, why is this considered easy? Well, let me tell you, this artwork looks stunning without the need for detailed imagery. It has a few gradient colors but due to the simple artwork, the gradient is easy to fill in without the need for fine details. 

Similar to the previous artwork, this Sybile Art's artwork doesn't have a lot of details but yet managed to be a gorgeous artwork. The gradient color in this artwork is even simpler when compared to Przemek's artwork. 

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