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7 Ways to Earn a Laugh on Father's Day 😎

Posted by Kemal Adityawarman on

Wonder what to do on Father's day while respecting the social-distancing norm? Here are our picks of activities that you will have a great time doing at home too!
1. Color His World! 🌈

Time will always be ticking and some moments won't last forever – or maybe they will?! Is there a photo that he treasures the most? How about painting that then offer it to him or, offer him the custom-painting so that he can relive that moment during painting? Painting is a well-recognized art therapy - he will likely love it and make it a hobby too! 

2. Barbecue Time! 🥓

Don’t all dads love their barbecues?! How about organizing one so that he can show off his grilling skills in the backyard? He’ll do his favorite things – making his family happy and enjoying the barbecue! 

3. Channel your Inner Zen 🧘‍♀️
Lock down can be pretty refreshing – well some people pay for expensive retreat to detach – now it’s for free (and maybe mandatory!). Why not offer your dad a “Inner Zen Retreat” indeed? Schedule some meditation and low or high impact exercise sessions to boost physical and mental health with your dad or with the entire family!

4. Suit Up! 🤵

Have a change from the usual lock down attire (pajama and sweat pants) – suit up your dad! Get the whole family to glam up with a well-prepared feast indoor – snap it and share it – show the world how a father’s day can be also so fancy at home too! 

5. There is no Place like Home 🏡

It must be exhausting after doing a routine job every day, especially during these times. So why not cook a great meal, give him a massage and watch with your dad his favorite movie? He might be asleep in the middle of it; but he would love to spend time with his loved ones!

6. Play Time with the Big Man 🎨

Dads have their hobbies. Whether it's about automotive, woodworking, gardening, painting, etc. Pick one or more activities and bond with dad through doing the activities together?

7. Get the Hands Dirty! 🖐

Staying at home doesn’t mean we cannot stay idle all the time. Why don’t we try something crafty with our dad? Let’s build that rack that you always wanted or modify your old table to your liking. 

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