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6 Ways to Spend Sweet Quality Time with Mom 🥰

Posted by Liza Pramesti on


You have one and you are maybe one. The day is coming up to celebrate the hard work and the weight that the lady put on in order to make our existence possible.

Here we short-listed 6 really sweet ideas to show love and gratitude to mothers who always have our back. 🥰  

1. A Cultural Experience – Home and Away! 

How amazing would that be for her to paint Mona Lisa then be shown the real deal at The Louvre Museum in Paris?!  It'll be such a great surprise for her.


The Classics includes the paint by numbers kits of over 60 most famous (and expensive) paintings in the history of mankind. Their known location is indicated - from Moma of New York, London’s National Gallery, to the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands – it’ll be such a treat to show her an invaluable masterpiece in real life - before or after trying to paint it! 

2. Surrounded by Love

“What do mothers love?”--- "Me!" - yes, but also “fond memories of her wedding, her family, her favorite pet Mr. Buddy!!“ How about custom-making a paint by numbers kit so that she will get to paint her favorites reliving the moment at every brush stroke with a smile?

Offer her an E-Gift card so that she can take time to choose her own image too

3. "Bring it On!" 💪

Kick-off Mother's Day on a healthy note by joining an online workout class together! Yoga, Zumba and Barre are great fun and make perfect bonding time! You'll both feel so energized too. 

4. Grow the Seeds of Love 🌱 

Build an herb garden, decorate her garden or balcony with some beautiful plants and accessories – it’ll be a meaningful project for the entire family.

5. Have a Crafty Weekend

Pimp mom’s tool kit with the latest supplies and tools! Do some crafty works together – painting, knitting while sharing each other's stories and fun moments in life – having your undivided attention is probably the most appreciated gift for her, wouldn’t it

6. Make it a Better Place!

Roll up your sleeves and help give her home a little extra love; whether it's wallpapering the bathroom, installing a coat rack, rearranging furniture, or adding some beautiful paintings on the wall. How about painting some unique artwork together and show off to your friends and visitors? Nothing beats the co-produced work of art.

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