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3 Proven Products Every Hiker Should Have

Posted by David Thai on

Hiking Trail

So, it was a beautiful Saturday and you decided to hit the mountain for a refreshing hike. You feel great and take the drive. Arriving at the foot of the mountain, you pack your gears from the trunk of your car and start your walk. What you didn't think of was that it would turn dark very quickly and you got yourself stuck in the middle of the forest. 

It was all meant to be great until it started to get dark very quickly and you got yourself stuck in the middle of the forest. 

Forest survival is not easy. Many things can go wrong. As a seasoned hiker and backpacker, you must be prepared no matter when and where you are. One of the most important thing our ancestors knew long before us is that fire is the number one survival partner to make it through the night. 

Fortunately for you, you got well equipped with those 3 must have that every hiker and forest survivor should know.


When you reach the time when survival instincts hit, this PowerFire Ultra Compact WaterProof Emergency Fire Starter might actually save your life. Imagine starting a hike and reaching a place where nothing can be found around. It is getting dark, cold and it's raining! You must now rest and get warm. Fortunately for you, you see some wood and you are well equipped with your Emergency Fire Starter. Even if the weather is wet, your waterproof fire starter won't let you down!

This Fire Starter is also a great companion for camping to light up your gas stove and it can be used thousands of times.


  • WaterProof: no need to worry about wet weather !!
  • Ultra compact: will fit any pocket and save space
  • Ultra light weight: will feel like you're lighter than fire  
  • Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition, including moist weather or low temperature
  • Simple to use
  • Can be used thousands of times

    Get yours here


    This outdoor little pearl is an essential for any camper travelling light. This ultra mini stove boasts a super powerful fire. As you are in the midst of the mountains looking at a full star night, this gadget will warm up your heart with a heated meal. It's all too common to get gas bottles unequipped for your travel. But not anymore thanks to PowerFire Ultra Mini Gas Stove. 

    Your outdoor cooking will never be the same. It is a must have for backpackers, campers, hikers and hunters.


    • Ultra compact: can fit in the palm of your hand
    • Fits in any pocket 
    • Ultra light: It only weighs 45g
    • Strong firepower: you can cook any meal (up to 3000W).
    • Control the power with a foldable switch
    • Completely secure with collapsible bracket, anti-skid and with strong bearing capacity.
    • Can support heavy pan

    Get yours here.


    Remember those times when you were profoundly hungry after a long hike sitting on the top of a hill hoping to eat a warming meal? And just as you thought you would start heating it up. The wind blows your fire to play with your nerve. Thanks to the FirePower Wind Shield, you are now good to go to relieve your hunger. It's an essential for any seasoned camper, hiker and backpacker. This super stable Wind Shield made of 8 tall plates will keep your meal warm in the windiest conditions.


    • Made to last forever with a solid and durable aluminium alloy material
    • Never get dirty anymore with a high quality, excellent abrasive resistance.
    • Super Compact: made of 8 tall foldable plates, it fits any backpack 
    • Simple to setup
    • Suitable for camping, picnic and outdoor activities

    Get yours here.

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