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Getting Personal with Talents | Artist - Vladan Nikolic

Posted by Lois Chan on


Craft-Ease supports independent artists by offering their Unique Designs in paint by numbers so people can enjoy world-class amazing artworks from their home. Many fans want to learn more about our talented artists; so we launched a series of interviews with them.

We had the pleasure to interview Serbian illustrator and graphic designer Vladan Nikolic who is active in the creation of cartoon, comic, caricature and stylized people and animals in geometrical pattern: 

1. How did you become an artist?

I started drawing from an early age. At the time of my childhood, I was a comic book fan and my first drawings were in fact copies of the various legendary comic- book characters. In the late 80’s when i graduated from Design School I started working on comics, illustration, caricature, graphic design and started painting more actively. 

2. What inspires your art? Where and how do you find inspiration?

Major part of my work is inspired by globalization and consumer society, the impact mass media, social networks and technological progress have on humanity, where people are being turned into stupefied and obedient slaves. My other inspiration and approach that shaped my art in its essence, is developing a visual image of my art. At the center of my work are usually stylized people and animals that are represented visually trough geometrical patterns, but still lose nothing of its expressivity, while keeping the resemblance to its models..  

3. What does your art mean to you?

I cannot be wrong if I say that art is an integral part of my personality and what defines me as a human being. 

4. What is the most valuable piece of art to you? 

The most valuable piece of art in my opinion is the one that leaves me under impression and makes me think about it.

5. How do you overcome your creative blocks?

Because I practice multidisciplinary art techniques and formats, I am able to switch to different projects and multi- task, if I am not in a mood to make an illustration I can work on a cartoon, a caricature or a comic, or a painting. Overall creative blocks are rare and they don’t last long. 

6. Would you describe the experience or feelings you have when creating your art?

I can compare art creation with a form of meditation, the time of absolute dedication and focus on the work, that is followed by the inner pleasure and fulfillment.

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